Elvis Presley Family Cedar Chest Trunk (Lot 34)

Elvis Presley Family Cedar Chest Trunk (Lot 34)

Name of Lot: Elvis Presley Family Cedar Trunk
Size: 46L 21H 18W
Brief Description: Historic cedar chest which remained in the Presley family for four decades. Showing a manufacturing date of August 22, 1944, the trunk would have most likely made it’s way from Tupelo, Mississippi, via the Presley family, during their move to Memphis, Tennessee. The only other possibility is the trunk was purchased in Memphis, in the early 1950’s by the Presley’s. The trunk was given to Memphis Mafia member Sonny West in the late 1960’s, where it was eventually used at Elvis Presley’s Monovale home in California by Sonny and Judy West. The trunk was recently discovered in the storage units of the West Estate with corresponding notes written by Judy West regarding the history of the trunk. Three articles of documentation accompany the chest including a copy doc of notes as written by Judy West, a notarized letter from the estate executor and a COA from Rockology Auctions who acquired the trunk directly from the West storage unit. Excellent original condition showing expected patina for a 78 year old piece of furniture. This is the only known, documented  piece of furniture from the Presleys, dating to the 1940’s, in private ownership. It is conceivable it is one of only a few pieces of furniture known to exist from that era,  inclusive of EPE holdings in archives. Shipping can be arranged.
Estimated Value: $4,000-$6,000

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