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  • Elvis Presley Family Cedar Chest Trunk (Lot 34)

    Name of Lot: Elvis Presley Family Cedar Trunk
    Size: 46L 21H 18W
    Brief Description: Historic cedar chest which remained in the Presley family for four decades. Showing a manufacturing date of August 22, 1944, the trunk would have most likely made it’s way from Tupelo, Mississippi, via the Presley family, during their move to Memphis, Tennessee. The only other possibility is the trunk was purchased in Memphis, in the early 1950’s by the Presley’s. The trunk was given to Memphis Mafia member Sonny West in the late 1960’s, where it was eventually used at Elvis Presley’s Monovale home in California by Sonny and Judy West. The trunk was recently discovered in the storage units of the West Estate with corresponding notes written by Judy West regarding the history of the trunk. Three articles of documentation accompany the chest including a copy doc of notes as written by Judy West, a notarized letter from the estate executor and a COA from Rockology Auctions who acquired the trunk directly from the West storage unit. Excellent original condition showing expected patina for a 78 year old piece of furniture. This is the only known, documented  piece of furniture from the Presleys, dating to the 1940’s, in private ownership. It is conceivable it is one of only a few pieces of furniture known to exist from that era,  inclusive of EPE holdings in archives. Shipping can be arranged.
    Estimated Value: $4,000-$6,000
    Auction Ended
  • Elvis Presley Owned Iwo Jima/Military Watch (Lot 5)

    Name of Lot: Elvis Presley Personal Iwo Jima / Military Watch
    Brief Description: Elvis Presley owned Regis watch depicting the iconic Iwo Jima image from World War II and showing an additional military insignia on the opposite side watch band “plate”. This was one of the jewelry pieces gathered from Elvis’s personal belongings, by Elvis’s double cousin, Patsy Presley, immediately following his death. Possibly gifted by a fellow military member / fan of Elvis’s. Patsy had stated Elvis requested Bibles and jewelry be sent to his bedroom at Graceland, when received at the Graceland office, from adoring fans. The watch was sold by Patsy approximately 40 years ago to a super fan / collector. We are now offering this watch publicly for the first time, via consignment, from the stated super fan / collector. Very good condition, but showing some wear from use. Pictured as not working, without attempt to wind.
    Estimated Value: $7,000-$9,000
    Auction Ended
  • Elvis Presley Purchased Birthstone Ring, Circa 1954 (Lot 163)

    Name of Lot: Elvis Presley Purchased Birthstone Ring, Circa 1954.
    Brief Description:
    Elvis Presley’s purchased ring, considered to be his FIRST purchased ring, during a time when he was transitioning from being a local performer to becoming a regionally known act. Upon “making a little money” performing in 1954, Elvis purchased this ring with anticipated stardom in his near future. The ring is Elvis’s birthstone (January), as indicated by six oval faceted brownish red garnet stones, set in an Etruscan design.
    This ring, a females ring, yes, a females ring, was purchased by Elvis in 1954, to wear and later was gifted to Judy West around the time of her marriage to Sonny West. Elvis stated the history and significance of the ring to Judy at that time. Judy recounted the story over the years and kept the ring for decades where it was eventually rediscovered, just recently in the Sonny and Judy West Estate bank lockbox. 
    The ring was consistently brought up amidst the West’s late in life, financial and health related hardships, as a go to piece, to sell and alleviate mounting pressure. Judy refused, as she hated to part with the piece, due to sentimentality. 
    “The ring itself is an inexpensive ring by Elvis’s buying standards in the 1970’s”, stated Stephen M. Shutts, Rockology Auctions President, “but this ring was the catalyst to Elvis purchasing expensive, flashy and significant jewelry for his entire career”. The ring is equated to Elvis’s first Cadillac purchase or his first shirt acquired from Lansky Bros. Ironically Elvis’s mother, Gladys, suggested Elvis return the ring upon purchase, due to the extravagance factor at the time. 
    The ring’s history is documented by three LOA’s from the Sonny West Estate representative, estate attorneys and the jewelry store who authenticated the age and content of the ring. The ring is in excellent condition and weighs 10.3 grams and is 12-1/2 mm wide.  Additionally included is a COA from Rockology Auctions.
    Estimated Value: $40,000-$60,000
    Auction Ended
  • Johnny Cash Performance Harmonica & Signed Photo (Lot 72)

    Name of Lot: Johnny Cash Autograph & Performance Harmonica
    Size: 8×10
    Brief Description: Johnny Cash private performance used harmonia from his home,  “Cinnamon Hill” in Jamaica. The harmonica and signed 8×10 was given to Werner, who attended the private performance. “To Werner Best Always Johnny Cash” in blue ballpoint pen. Acquired approximately 30 years ago.
    Auction Ended