We do not “harvest” email addresses from our website visitors or anyone else, nor do we send unsolicited commercial bulk email (spam) to our customers or website visitors.


Personal and/or business information provided to us by our website visitors and customers is treated confidentially and is not sold to anyone for any reason. If you provide such information to us by email, telephone, letter, an online form on our website or other means, we use that information only to provide you with our services and/or products or to respond to your requests.

Our online inquiry forms collect some or all of the following personally-identifying information:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

None of the above personally-identifying information is stored on our website, and thus we provide no online process for individuals to review and request changes to any of their personally identifiable information collected through our website’s online forms or sent by email to us.


Our shopping cart takes credit card orders securely, and collects the following personally-identifying information:

  • Name
  • Street address, city, state, zip code, country
  • Shipping Address (if different)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Credit card information (credit card numbers are not retained after purchase)

MY ACCOUNT: when you make a purchase, our shopping cart allows you to set up an account that contains your contact information (name, address, email), any saved shopping cart contents, wish list, download links, and purchase history. No credit card numbers are retained at rockologyauctions.com. You may change your account information at any time by logging in to My Account with the username and password you specified when setting up your account.

COOKIES: cookies are little bits of information stored in a file on your computer. This website uses cookies in its shopping cart to enable customers to complete purchases, and to remember MyAccount login information if they opted to use the MyAccount feature. We have opted to use cookies as a safer way to pass this information. If you’ve already made your purchase, you can safely delete any cookies generated by our website from your computer.


As with most web hosting companies, ours records and stores only the following information about our website visitors: the numerical IP address or domain name from which they access the Internet; the date and time our website is accessed; the pages you visited and whether they successfully downloaded to your browser; and sometimes the Internet address of the website from which you may have accessed our website (such as Google.com). We use this information only to understand how many visitors we get and how visitors use our website so that we can improve it. We do not sell this information to anyone for any reason. Simply surfing our website will not impart other personally-identifying information to us.


Your Personal Information & Rockology Auctions

The only information which Rockology Auctions collects is that which is provided by you by

  1. subscribing to our e-mail list,
  2. purchasing print catalogues, and
  3. registering to bid in our auctions.

Rockology Auctions does not share and/or sell customer and client personal information. Therefore, there is no need to opt out, as it is not something that we do as a matter of corporate policy.

Notification of Changes to Privacy Policy. In the event that we make changes to or update this Privacy Policy; in that event, we will post them to this page of our website with the corresponding Effective Date.