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  • Tanya Tucker Tickets to Trump Inauguration (Lot 87)

    Name of Lot: Tanya Tucker Trump Inauguration Tickets
    Brief Description: Country music meets politics. Unique presidential memorabilia from the legendary Tanya Tucker. Two tickets in excellent condition.
    Estimated Value: $75-$100
    Current Bid: $50.00
  • Tanya Tucker Wedding Plans (Lot 143)

    Name of Lot: Tanya Tucker Wedding Plans
    Brief Description: Wedding plan folder with handwritten notes, from the personal belongings of Tanya Tucker. This file contains plans for the 1999 wedding to Jerry Laseter. Tanya called off the wedding and the file remained tucked away in her personal possessions for two decades. Most unique were the plans to contact Natalie Cole to sing at the wedding.
    Estimated Value: $50-$75
    Current Bid: $20.00
  • Tanya Tucker’s Personal Elvis Concert Tickets (Lot 46)

    Name of Lot: Tanya Tucker’s Elvis Presley Concert Tickets
    Brief Description: Tanya Tucker always admired and was greatly influenced by Elvis Presley. Tanya was often referred to as the “female Elvis”. These three ticket stubs came from Tanya’s personal items. Tanya would have been 15 years old and just released her fourth LP on MCA, when Elvis performed at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on May 7th, 1975.
    Estimated Value: $200-$300
    Starting Bid: $175.00
  • Tanya Tucker’s Personal TNT Ring and Signed LP (Lot 82)

    Name of Lot: Tanya Tucker Personal “TNT” Ensemble
    Brief Description: Tanya Tucker pairing of what appears to be a prototype ring made for the release of Tanya’s 1978 “TNT” LP. We have never seen another ring like this in 30 plus years of memorabilia dealings. Included is a near mint copy (vinyl) of Tanya’s provocative gatefold album…autographed. acquired directly from Tanya’s possessions.
    Estimated Value: $150-$200
    Current Bid: $100.00
  • The Doors Waiting For The Sun British Award (Lot 234)

    Name of Lot: The Doors Waiting For The Sun British Award
    Brief Description: 250K Sales Award; Very Good Condition
    Estimated Value: $300-$400
    Starting Bid: $275.00
  • The Guess Who Record Sales Award (Lot 235)

    Name of Lot: The Guess Who Record Sales Award
    Presented to Bob Spendlove in 1970. Scarce award issued to the classic rock band The Guess Who. Fair condition.
    Estimated Value: $150-$200
    Starting Bid: $100.00
  • The Mavericks Photo Trio (Lot 90)

    Name of Lot: The Mavericks Concert Photo Trio
    Size: 9 1/2″ x 13 1/2″
    Brief Description: Professionally photographed images of the Grammy Award Winning Mavericks. Photographed by Charlie Spieker. Perfect for framing / exhibiting.
    Starting Bid: $50.00
  • Tim McGraw Presentation Award (Lot 133)

    Name of Lot: Tim McGraw Presentation Award
    Brief Description: Three dimensional acrylic presentation piece for Tim McGraw’s “Everywhere” album, which earned the CMA’s top award / honor of Album of the Year in 1998. Most unique in that it was presented to the fabricator of the award “Ill-Eagle Enterprises”.
    Estimated Value: $200-$300
    Starting Bid: $100.00
  • Tracy Lawrence Autographed Poster (Lot 112)

    Name of Lot:Tracy Lawrence Autographed Poster
    Size: 23″ x 29″
    Brief Description: Lengthy inscribed, Tracy Lawrence promotional poster…”To Aileen and Dig (?) Mark Thanks for your friendship and all the hard work. God Bless Tracy Lawrence”. Professionally framed.
    Estimated Value: $75-$100
    Starting Bid: $65.00
  • Travis Denning Stage/Promo/Video Personal Guitar (Lot 79)

    Name of Lot: Travis Denning Stage / Promo / Video Personal Guitar
    Brief Description: Rarely do you see contemporary country music recording artist guitars surface for acquisition. This Gibson Elliot Easton Model was acquired new by Travis Denning, played on stage multiple times, utilized in a promotional photo shoot and used in his break through song video, “After A Few”, which has garnered nearly 10 million views on YouTube. Showing some minor wear as expected. Included is the original hardshell case. Acquired directly from Travis, by Rockology Auctions Co-Owner, Norm Brewer. Photo credit Mike McKenney
    Estimated Value: $5,000-$6,500
    Starting Bid: $4,000.00