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  • Elvis Presley Tours Fan Collection (Lot 130)

    Name of Lot: Elvis Presley Tours Fan Travel Collection
    Brief Description: A fantastic collection of airline travel tickets and accompanying ephemera pertaining to groupie / fan of the Elvis Presley Shows, Becky Tewell. Included is her airline ticket to the Madison Square Garden shows in June of 1972. Note a funny excerpt from the letters to Becky from a friend…”She’s as goony over Charlie as we are Elvis. She’s been trying to find a picture of him, but Elvis is always in the way” and  “Does he sing “Burning Love?” I’ve heard it twice now and have nearly lost my mind!”.
    Estimated Value: $150-$200
    Auction Ended
  • Jerry Lee Lewis Signed Piano Key (Lot 246)

    Name of Lot: Jerry Lee Lewis Signed Piano Key
    Size: 12″ x 15″
    Brief Description: Very unique white piano key, signed boldly in red sharpie, “Jerry Lee Lewis”. Framed with a promotional photo of Jerry Lee at his Mississippi Ranch.
    Estimated Value: $500-$700
    Auction Ended
  • Jerry Lee Stage Worn Tux Shirt (Lot 182)

    Name of Lot: Jerry Lee Lewis Stage Worn Tuxedo Shirt
    Size: Men’s Small
    Brief Description: Classic tuxedo shirt in white. Tuxedo style shirts were a staple in The Killer’s wardrobe. Very good condition with some very minor staining on the upper back, near the collar.
    Estimated Value: $400-$600
    Auction Ended
  • Col. Tom Parker Office Record / LP Cabinet (Lot 61)

    Name of Lot: Col. Tom Parker Office Record / LP Cabinet
    Brief Description: Available for acquisition is the record / LP cabinet, which came from Col. Tom Parker’s Madison, Tennessee office. The images of the lower level of his office which had a bar, shower and cedar closet, which once contained Elvis Presley’s gold lame suit, as well, housed this record / LP cabinet. A historic piece of furniture from the most significant music industry office in pop culture. It was from this very building that the Colonel managed Elvis’s career from 1955 to several years past his death in 1977. Elvis frequented this office in 1956 as Hank Snow’s Rainbow Ranch was just down the road. A true one-of-a-kind conversation piece, that was saved when the building was systematically dismantled several years ago. Excellent condition.
    Estimated Value: $2,000-$3,000
    Auction Ended
  • Elvis Presley / Stamps Quartet Groupie Fan Collection (Lot 132)

    Name of Lot: Elvis Presley / Stamps Quartet Groupie Lot
    Brief Description: Unusual ephemera from the Becky Tewell collection, who “dated” two members of the Stamps Quartet while they toured with Elvis Presley. Included is an intimate look of those relationships via a card, love note and hotel room bill. A unique glimpse into life on the road with recording artists and a groupie.
    Estimated Value: $75-$100
    Auction Ended
  • Elvis Presley Owned Iwo Jima/Military Watch (Lot 5)

    Name of Lot: Elvis Presley Personal Iwo Jima / Military Watch
    Brief Description: Elvis Presley owned Regis watch depicting the iconic Iwo Jima image from World War II and showing an additional military insignia on the opposite side watch band “plate”. This was one of the jewelry pieces gathered from Elvis’s personal belongings, by Elvis’s double cousin, Patsy Presley, immediately following his death. Possibly gifted by a fellow military member / fan of Elvis’s. Patsy had stated Elvis requested Bibles and jewelry be sent to his bedroom at Graceland, when received at the Graceland office, from adoring fans. The watch was sold by Patsy approximately 40 years ago to a super fan / collector. We are now offering this watch publicly for the first time, via consignment, from the stated super fan / collector. Very good condition, but showing some wear from use. Pictured as not working, without attempt to wind.
    Estimated Value: $7,000-$9,000
    Auction Ended
  • Elvis Presley Gifted Ring and Bracelet to Ginger Alden (Lot 66)

    Elvis Presley may go down as the best gift giver in history.  He loved to see the reactions of those he gave gifts too.  Ginger Alden met Elvis near the end of 1976 and they became engaged to be married.  During their courtship, Elvis bestowed many gifts upon Ginger including this beautiful diamond and blue lapis ring and bracelet set. 

    One custom 18K gold and 18K yellow gold bangle bracelet weighing 44.5 grams with fifty-seven (57) Round VS1-VS2 diamond(s) totaling 3.5 ct. with blue lapis inlay.

    One custom 18K white gold and 18K gold fashion ring weighing 17.7 grams with fifty-six (56) Round F-G VS1-VS2 diamond(s) totaling 3.35 cts., with blue lapis inlay.

    There is a Reserve Price and Buyer’s Premium (20%). Winning bidder will receive a signed LOA from Ginger Alden and a COA from Rockology Auctions.

    Photos are not included.

    Est Value: $60,000-$75,000

    Auction Ended
  • Historic Country Music Autographed Albums (Lot 69)

    Name of Lot: Historic Country Music Autographed Albums
    Brief Description: Three historic, country music recording artists, signed LP’s. Faron Young, Lynn Anderson and Sonny James. These signed LP’s are from the collection of a then young country music fan, who took thousands of photos and obtained hundreds of autographs in person, during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The collection merits a book due to the quality of the never before seen photographs, the fan obtained in her lifetime.
    Auction Ended
  • Vintage Hilton Bell Hop Shirt Movie Prop (Lot 70)

    Hilton Bell-Hop Uniform Movie Shirt

    This royal blue, short sleeved shirt has the Hilton Hotel logo on the left chest pocket. The shirt also has epaulets with gold braiding. Men’s small. Good condition.

    Est: $75-$100


    Auction Ended
  • Col. Tom Parker Office Wrought Iron Door (Lot 140)

    Name of Lot: Colonel Tom Parker Office Wrought Iron Door
    Brief Description: Original wrought iron door from the historic Colonel Tom Parker management office in Madison, Tennessee. Two photos show the same style door at the Colonel’s office prior to dismantling. The book pictured, documents the dismantling of the management office and fan club compound. A black and white version of this book is included with the purchase of this door. Two COA’s are included with the purchase of the door. To duplicate a door like this today would cost in excess of $2500-$3,000. This door could easily be incorporated in a new home build.
    Estimated Value: $2,000-$3,000
    Auction Ended